“Cristiano Ronaldo Would Beat Messi In A Fight” – Anthony Joshua

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Cristiano Ronaldo would beat Lionel Messi in a fight, says world heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua who added that he would go up against ‘beast’ Yaya Toure.

While speaking in an exclusive interview with YouTube channel, COPA90, heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua, said he would back Cristiano Ronaldo in a fight against Lionel Messi because of the Real Madrid superstar’s superior physical condition.

According to Dailymail, Joshua who revealed that he believes the Portuguese would have the edge in the boxing ring, said; ‘Messi’s got that ruggedness but Ronaldo looks like he’s got the Bruce Lee – bang!

‘You know what I mean, just stand there and lick you with one hook and you’re finished. Messi seems a bit more like his name… messy and rugged.’

Joshua also spoke of his appreciation for Ronaldo’s professionalism, revealed that he was inspired by the Real Madrid man’s work ethic and how he has marketed himself.

‘I’ve been pro now for three years, and I think early on I was trying to do everything because with boxing I come into the game as a professional,’ Joshua added.

‘Remember I haven’t had much background, so I had to present myself to the world – so for the first three years I was managing, managing, marketing and marketing.

‘But now I’m at a stage where I’ve just said I’ve done that, now I want to focus on being the best boxer then I get the inspiration from Ronaldo.

‘It’s just little things. He would train by himself afterwards to work on what he wanted to work on.

‘I was speaking to [Ronaldo’s former Manchester United team-mate Rio] Ferdinand who said he was the only one in the team back then who had masseuses, nutritionists, psychologists, so he had that desire.’

The world heavyweight champion also revealed that the one footballer he’d like to go up against in the ring would be Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure.

When pressed for an answer, Joshua explained he would choose to take on the Ivorian powerhouse because ‘he’s a bit of a beast’.


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