“Forget Biafra” – Ex, NBA Chairman, Enamhe Tells The Igbos

People of South East Nigeria, particularly, the Igbos have been admonished to forget their agitation for self rule as this does not augur well for them and other Nigerians.

Speaking with DAILY POST in an exclusive interview in Calabar, the former Chairman of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Barrister Marc Enamhe said that the Igbos have done well and that it is not until they have republic before they can say they are super country.

“The Igbos have done well for themselves and the country, but my problem with them is that they are arrogant, if they choose to be as humble as the Hausas, they will get it right in this country because we need them as they need us (Nigerians).

“There is nothing wrong with self agitation or agitation by group of person; after all, it’s happening in Spain, it’s happening in Cameroon and it could happen in Nigeria but for me, if I were the Igbos, I would even be happy being part of Nigeria than any other country.

He said the Igbos are self made people, hence they don’t need anybody, they survive on their own.

“Look at the way they came out of the war, many people wouldn’t have, they have integrated themselves so quickly.

“I remember as a young man in 1970, they were already in Obudu, they were already in Ogoja where my father works as a civil servant. Immediately after the war, they were back, for all they suffered. After the civil war, they were able to integrate themselves into the Nigerian society and they are doing well.

He said “As private citizens, they don’t need government; the richest Nigerians today are not people in government. Look at those who stole money in government, they are not richest men or women on earth, if you want to think of it, who are the richest Nigerians, is Dangote a government man? Is he a civil servant? Is he a public servant? Is Mike Atelola a civil servant? Is Jim Ovia a civil servant? These are private people who can write a cheque for N1 billion, it could not bounce.

“We need them for their expertise in every spheres of human endeavours. We need them and they are important to Nigerian economy. Yes, you may say they are greedy because, where they not in control of Nigeria prior to the civil war? They were in control of Nigeria; it was the coup that destroyed them.

“At this instance, there is no need for agitation, well, if they are agitating for what? for who? No, they don’t need Republic, if they get a Republic, fine but they don’t need it, if you asked me genuinely, they don’t need it, they are already comfortable where ever they are.

He said there is this saying that if you go to any place, you don’t find an Igbo man, you leave that place. But what they are looking for is the Presidency, all these agitation, I know is for them to be guaranteed the fact that one day, they will become the President but Nigeria is afraid of them, that is the only problem and that is because of their arrogant.

“If you take away the arrogance from Igbo man, you need him more. If they want a Republic, they should go about it in the constitutional way, they should ask themselves, why did Biafra fail, if they asked themselves why did Biafra fail, why did Zik who was a father and was with them defect to Nigeria.

“That was a blow, for the three years they fought the war, only four countries recognized them, have they done enough homework so that Nigerians on their own can say you can go, we don’t even need you but I think, we all need ourselves.

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