Mouth Kills: Popular Rapper Shot and Killed After He Claimed His Body is Bulletproof

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An Atlanta-based rapper Yung Mazi has been shot and killed on Sunday night (Aug. In 2003, a friend https://essaynara.com introduced james to tutor. 6) after he warned his rivals to stop targeting his legs and shoot him where it would count. It was his second time being shot in the last eight months. XXLMag reported that local police responded to a shooting around the intersection of Oakview Road and Hosea L. Williams Drive at around 8:55 p. m. It was there, in front of a Kirkwood pizza restaurant by the name of Urban Pie, that they found Mazi, who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds. He died on the scene. According to authorities, the suspect is a Black male with dreadlocks wearing a white t-shirt. At this point, they believe Mazi was the target of a planned attack. As we mentioned before, Yung Mazi was shot at a Waffle House on Dec. 27 of last year. On that occasion, he was shot in the chest shortly after arriving in the dining establishment. Luckily, he survived the attack. He was also shot in late 2015, and after that shooting, he made a video telling shooters to aim for something else besides his legs. “Public service announcement from my legs. My legs done had enough,” he says in the video, which you can see below. “So tell your shooter start aiming for some shit that’s gonna kill somebody. These niggas aiming for legs, My legs are tired of this shit. ”

Before his untimely death, Mazi had been a rapper on the rise, joining Kevin Gates’ BWA clique. Watch video of him warning his shooters to stop shooting his leg and target other places in his body:

https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=F5cTR07uzV0.

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