Nigeria Ranks 9th On Spammers List – Report

Spamming is a problem that has plagued the world since the advent of the internet and has continued to internet users to varying degrees depending on the users experience and ability to use countermeasures. Truecaller, an identification solution application company released a special report on friday detailing the most spammed countries in the world and suprisingly–Nigeria was ranked in the top ten. Speaking on the report, the marketing manager of Truecaller, Ms Lindsey Lamont indicated that Nigeria was 9th in the ratings of countries affected by Spam calls. She also added that the top five countries affected by spam calls were India (22. 6 per cent), USA and Brazil (tied at 20. 7 per cent), Chile (17. 4 per cent) and South Africa (15 per cent). According to her, similar to its regional partner Kenya, Nigeria also has an issue with spam calls, but is plagued more by calls from operators. The analysis showed that one major problem around spam calls in Nigeria was calls from telecommunications operators, which accounted for 61 per cent of the total reported spam calls, adding that telecommunication companies make these calls to up sell data plans for promotions, among others. Other contributors to spamming in Nigeria are nuisance calls and scam calls. Our kids are such naturally visual learners, and catherine's method of researching is so revealing do my essay of the way in which they are inclined to tap into visual resources in inventive ways. Lamont said that the data were aggregated anonymously from incoming calls that had been marked as spam by users. She said that they were also data that had automatically been flagged by Truecaller during the period of January 1, to May 31, to understand the monthly average spam rate. According to her, during this period of time, Truecaller users received more than 5. 5 billion spam calls.

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